ARTIGOS | International Leadership and Norm Evolution de Yan Xuetong

International Leadership and Norm Evolution   Since the end of the Cold War, fast-paced globalization has increased interaction among states and promoted development of international norms in many fields. Constructivists argue that international interactions can only advance international norms towards a Kantian culture of friendly mutual help and could not propel any regression to a Hobbesian culture of hostile confrontation.1 […]

ARTIGOS | Political Leadership and Power Redistribution de Yan Xuetong

Political Leadership and Power Redistribution   The theoretical puzzle that moral realism must crack is that of why a rising state is able to displace a dominating hegemon even though it is inferior to the latter in terms of economic base, technical invention, education system, military strength, and political system. Moral realism attributes political leadership […]

ARTIGOS|Chinese Values vs. Liberalism de Yan Xuetong

Chinese Values vs. Liberalism   The liberal hegemony of the United States is fading and faces the growing challenges from other ideologies including those from China. The question is which Chinese political values will guide China’s policies in shaping the future international normative order. There are three political values compete with each other in China, Marxism, economic pragmatism, […]

ARTIGOS|From Keepwing a Low Profile to Striving for Achievement de Yan Xuetong

From Keeping a Low Profile to Striving for Achievement Since 2012, some scholars, both Chinese and foreign, have argued that China’s assertive foreign policy is doomed to fail. Nevertheless, after examining China’s foreign relations in the last two years, this paper finds that China has experienced improved relations rather than deteriorating ones. In comparison with […]